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So You Want to Play Dungeons & Dragons

Don’t know your Aasimar from a Kobold in the ground? I’m here to help.

The Game

Dungeons & Dragons is the first table-top Role Playing Game (RPG) ever published, and it has gone through a series of updates and revisions over the years. It's made up of the players - that's you - and a Dungeon Master or DM - that's me. Each player creates a single character that they take control of, and all the members of your group will join to form a team that works together to face off against the challenges put forth by the DM. The core of D&D is collaborative story-telling: the DM creates a world and presents it to the players, who in turn come up with their own solutions and schemes to save and/or ruin the day.

“I’ve never played before. What exactly do we DO?”

This is one of the most common questions people ask before hopping into their first D&D game. It’s tough to answer quickly, but basically the DM will present you with a scenario. Something like ‘The orcish horde you’ve been chasing has crossed a river and destroyed the bridge behind them.’ Then it’s up to the players to determine their next course of action. Do they attempt to swim across? Cast a spell that allows them to walk over water? Travel along the road to the next crossing?

Navigating a treacherous cavern in the Underdark

Navigating a treacherous cavern in the Underdark

When a player declares what they want to do, the DM will explain what happens. Usually you will have to roll a twenty-sided die (we just say d20) to see if you succeed or not. The only time that the game really has ‘turns’ is if you are in combat with an enemy. It is an open-ended experience that rewards creativity and improvisation.

Nerd Culture is Pop Culture. It’s time to join in.

The past two decades have seen an explosion in the popularity of movies, TV shows, and books that tap into our geekiest impulses. In recent years, Dungeons and Dragons has taken a seat of honour at the center of this dorky renaissance. You’ve seen your favourite characters play D&D on Stranger Things, Community, The Big Bang Theory, and Freaks and Geeks. Twitch streams and podcasts that focus on D&D campaigns, such as Critical Role and The Adventure Zone, have introduced countless new fans to the game. If you have a desire to get involved in D&D but have no idea where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Schedule a session and start creating your own story.