It’s How You Play the Game

A lifetime of loving games means I’ll bring top-notch entertainment to your table

Forged in the crucible of Risk

I’ve been playing games as far back as I can remember - O’Keefe family vacations weren’t complete without a game of Risk that featured bloody battles and betrayals. These days I’m determined to put my skill as a sentient rulebook to good use by bringing amazing game experiences to my customers. After running a pub quiz with a loyal following for five years and playing hundreds of hours of Dungeons & Dragons, I’m ready to help you play a game that you’ll never forget.

Nerd Credentials

  • After more than five years’ experience as a triviamaster for a pub quiz, I’ve perfected the art of ‘tough but fair’

  • Theater & voiceover experience, leading to engaging storytelling and unforgettable characters

  • Organized a 24-hour Game-A-Thon for my 30th birthday, spanning 20 games and raising over $1,500 for charity

  • Education degree and a career as a technical trainer, to help guide players through the intricacies of the game

  • Email featured in an episode of The Exemplary DM Podcast, describing a D&D game where all the player characters are former U.S. Presidents

    • Season 3, Episode 8 | 37 minute mark

  • Please Note: I am NOT the Charles O’Keefe who writes vampire novels that take place in Newfoundland, but we would probably get along

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